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Rainfall in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, rain isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, due to higher temperatures, humidity and unpredictable weather, Las Vegas is seeing more rainfall than usually. This is certainly a concern, as these rainfalls cause mold and water damage! These issues are costly, but they do help keep our water and mold damage restoration company in business!

Just last month, the average amount of rain received, in just 5 hours, exceeded the amount normally received in July. Many roads were flooded which lead to at least 46 accidents. There are reports of a man being pulled out from a flood channel by they Fire Department. They had to use a ladder and ropes to get him to safety! Thankfully he was uninjured.

Although Las Vegas hasn’t experienced rain like California has, rainfall in Las Vegas has increased in amount, severity and duration. So what does that mean for the residents of Las Vegas?

It would be wise for residents to take the change in climate seriously and do all that is required to stay safe. Part of being safe is protection from mold and water damage. Mold and water damage will cause havoc on your home, business and especially your health.

How? Well, just mold alone is highly dangerous. Whether indoor or outdoor, mold needs moisture in order to grow. If not rectified, the mold will damage the material it is growing on and compromise the integrity of its structure. Basically, mold will cause damage which can cause injury!

Those at risk of exposure to mold are those who experience water damage due to flooding. Some symptoms include sneezing, coughing, tightness of the chest, sore throat, skin/eye irritation, nose bleeds, respiratory issues and sinus/nasal congestion. Studies have even shown that there may be a link between mold and asthma. Children and the elderly are more likely to experience severe symptoms.

If mold is left untreated, other serious problems can occur. Some examples are cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, cardiac/gastrointestinal conditions and complications with pregnancy.

Not only does mold damage the material it grows on, it can effect our health. Not all mold has a smell or is visible. Again, moisture is needed, which due to water damage, can grow behind walls, in attics, under carpets, etc.

Water damage is not to be taken lightly. It leads to the growth and exposure to mold which can and will affect homes, schools, businesses, etc. Once detected, it must be handled and removed immediately! As mentioned, more than your property is in danger. More importantly, exposure to mold can jeopardize your health. Your health is of upmost importance as well as the health of your family!

With all that being said, what can you do to protect yourself and your family? If you see any signs of mold, call in an expert to inspect and remove the mold! Some mold can be removed without an expert. For example, if you find mold on your towel, because it didn’t dry throughly, then there are ways to get rid of it properly. However, the best way to stay safe is to call in an expert whenever you have water damage!

Stay safe and healthy!

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